UK Archiving

About Us

UK Archiving is recognised as a centre of excellence in this field. Microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards can also be scanned to a preservation digital image, accessed on a database and supplied on either DVD,hard drives, FTP or Dropbox. By observing every relevant standard, our microfilm guarantees access to important and sensitive documents for present and future generations.

We now offer a complete preservation digitisation service tailored to the specific needs of the customer. We can capture a wide variety of collections from Postcards, Photographs and Bound Volumes to Artefacts, Glass Plate Negatives, Slides and all types of Documents. These can be supplied as just the images themselves (TIFF, JPEGS, PDF's etc, complete databases, content management systems or as raw Digital Images.

We are able to capture the images either at our premises or at our clients premises. All our microfilm is covered by a free disaster recovery programme. We work with all Scotland's public library services in addition to archives and publishers, museums, universities and historical societies throughout the UK and internationally.